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Common Questions

What Do Remote Starters Cost Installed?
A basic remote start is as low as $179.00 installed (+ tax) on some vehicles as long as the car doesn’t have factory security installation issues. Most but not all newer vehicles have factory security systems or other electronic systems installation issues that must be dealt with in the remote start installation. Therefore most late model vehicles require specialized additional parts like an immobilizer interface module which we stock. These modules are necessary to make your car’s security system work together with the remote starter. With the immobilizer bypass module included, a remote start will cost around $229.99 to $349.99 installed or more depending on the vehicle. More expensive remote starters, like a long range two-way remote start, can cost from $289 up to $549 or more installed with added parts and labor included. For a quote on your vehicle call us. We’ll give you as near an exact quote as we can.* 508-992-4999. Sometimes we need to see the car first or review technical notes about your car’s wiring to get an exact quote. We can’t always do this over the phone, especially during the busy holiday season, but we can get close.

Why do some cars cost more than others to do a remote start?
Some vehicles are harder to work on than others. A remote start installation can take 45 minutes in one car and three to four hours in another. Obviously one is going to be more expensive than the other. The degree of difficulty, what needs to be taken apart, where in the vehicle we have to go to access each wire, or what extra parts we have to use and the cost of those parts all effect the price of the job and the length of time to complete the installation . Our installers are skilled professionals. Most of us are ASE certified in automobile electronics with years of experience. On today’s automobiles the work is technical and requires training and experience.

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