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When can I have a car alarm system installed? How about today. No appointment needed. Usually we can get you in right away. If we are busy you may have to drop off your vehicle and we will call you when we are done. Let us install car alarm today.

What Do Car Alarms Cost? We can install a complete car alarm system for as low as $139.99 depending on the car and the options or features. Basic alarm packages range in price up to about $300 installed, but with special options and additional features added on, systems can be quite a bit more. Also alarm remote start packages begin at about $289.00 Installed. See our car alarm information page or link your iphone or smatphone to your alarm system so you are alerted if there’s a problem.

How Do I get to your store? See the map on our home page.

How long does it take to install? We can install our car alarms any day, appointment necessary. This means all you have to do is come in early enough in the day to enable us to get the work done. The average car alarm installation takes about 1.5 to 2 hours once we start. Remote start car alarms take a little longer. Some of the more difficult vehicles can take up to 4 to 5 hours for a remote start car alarm install.

How does the alarm protect my vehicle? The auto security systems we sell and install will protect your vehicle in these main ways.

  • First the auto security system will add a starter disable feature to your vehicle if you do not already have it. This will prevent the starter motor from cranking and starting the engine when the key is turned to the start position. This prevents the car from starting.
  • Second, the car alarm will protect all the doors, as long as your interior lights come on when the doors open. If a door is opened, the siren will sound and the parking lights of your vehicle will flash.
  • Third, all our car alarms are equipped with and impact sensor. This senses break-in impact and sounds the siren and flashes the lights. The sensitivity is adjustable to suit the vehicle. Any impact that trips the sensor will cause the siren to sound and the lights to flash.

Can you fix my existing car alarm? We do car alarm troubleshooting on aftermarket car alarm systems. If we have the technical info available on your system, we can find out what’s wrong and probably fix it.

Disable car alarm, Shut Off Car Alarm, or remove car alarm: I bought a used car with an alarm on it. Can you disable it for me? Yes, as long as it is an aftermarket car alarm and not a factory car alarm.

Do you have a remote control or car remote for my old car alarm? If it is a model we have sold in the past, we will probably have one. Otherwise we won’t be able to help you.

Does an aftermarket alarm or remote start void my new car warranty? No. Of course not, in spite of what some car salesman may have told you. The consumer’s right to have aftermarket products installed in their vehicle while retaining full factory warranty coverage on his/her new vehicle is protected by a federal law called the Magnusen-Moss Act.

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